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  • The 【SportsTech China-Global Series 1】 co-organized by AquaBloom International Sports Technology Group( ABSG) x GSIC powered by Microsoft will be held at 4:00-7:40 pm on March 3, 2021, Beijing time.


    This event brought together 20 outstanding sportstech companies from 11 countries and regions including China, China Taiwan, the United States, the United Kingdom, Russia, Spain, Italy, Israel, Poland, New Zealand and Caracas, involving 9 application scenarios including:Smart Big Health in Sports, Smart Stadium, Smart Sports Media, Smart Wearable products, Smart Sports Education, Smart Esports, Smart Tournament, Smart Sports Marketing, Smart Elite Athletes.

    At the same time, we invited 24 senior experts in sports industry from all over the world as the jury in this event.The two parties will conduct speeches, exchanges and comments during the event, and we look forward to the wonderful sparks that the two parties will collide with during the event!

    We would like to thank our co-organizer: GSIC powered by Microsoft; Our China market partner: Wanda Sports Group, Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, Forbes Global Alliance, Asian Games, SAIC Motor Pudong Arena, JiangSu Province Sports Bureau, China National Trampoline Team; And we also need to thank for the participation of all our partners and sportstech companies from all over the world.

    The final Top 10 winners of 【SportsTech China-Global Series 1】will be announced on March 5, 2021 Beijing time, so stay tuned!