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  • ABSG works with SportsTechX to present the Chinese version of Global SportsTech Ecosystem Report 2023

    The most influential annual report in SportsTech ecosystem and industry globally, SportsTechX 2023 Global Sports Technology ecosystem report has recently been officially released. AquaBloom International Sports Technology Group (“ABSG”) is pleased to partner with SportsTechX to present its Chinese version to the global Chinese readers for the second time.

    This year, SportsTechX annual report integrates the Asia Pacific, Europe, and North America regions into ONE global report for the first time. The Chinese version was contributed by AquaBloom International Sports Technology Group (“ABSG”) , in conjunction with the Digital Sports Working Committee of the China Sporting Goods Federation, and authorizes ABSG’s media partner Sports Money to release the report in Mainland China region.

    SportsTechX is the #1 source for data & insights about startups and innovation in sports. The company developed a structured framework for the SportsTech industry and frequently publish content in form of reports (Europe, North America, Asia-Pacific, Venture Capital, Football, Fitness), a podcast show (The SportsTech Allstars), articles, newsletters, webinars, etc. SportsTechX works with investors and organisations in sports and adjacent industries helping them with market analysis and connecting them with startups.

    AquaBloom International Sports Technology Group (ABSG) was selected as representing SportsTech platform in China and Asia Pacific by SportsTechX report for three consecutive years. Its vision is “Create a globalized platform to promote SportsTech industry and cross-nations growth synergies.” Its mission is to build comprehensive SportsTech ecosystem and business system including but not limited to Global SportsTech Center and Cluster, cross-nations official SportsTech Hubs, Global SportsTech Summit and Award, Global SportsTech Investment Consortium, and impactful major innovation projects.

    Please find the link below to download, enjoy reading!
    The link:

    Translation Team of the Chinese version:
    - Mike Yang: Founder & CEO, ABSG
    - Rui Zhang: VP, ABSG
    - Horry Wang: Director at Tsinghua PBCSF Sports Finance Research Center; Deputy Secretary General of the Digital Sports Working Committee of the China Sporting Goods Federation
    - Chenxi Li: Ph.D., Department of Computer Science, Tsinghua University; Postdoctoral fellow, Department of Sports, Tsinghua University; "THU SportsTech Review" Editor