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  • Call of Cases | 2023 World Artificial Intelligence Conference-AI Empowered Sports & Health Innovation Application Cases Report

    In order to deeply explain the digital technologies such as AI, AIGC, big data and meta-universe to enable the digital development of sports industry, and to comprehensively show the typical applications of AI integration to enable the digital development of sports health industry globally, we are going to compile "AI acceleration: A collection of innovative applications in AI-enabled sports and health industry ".

    It will be released during the "2023 World Artificial Intelligence Conference(WAIC,".

    The case collection process is guided by the Shanghai Sports Bureau and jointly compiled by Shanghai Artificial Intelligence Research Institute and Shanghai Jiaotong University, Tsinghua University, Tongji University and Hong Kong Polytechnic University to explore the promotion of AI-enabled sports and health innovation.

    【Content Guidelines】
    We are now calling for cases of "Innovative applications in AI-enabled sports and health industry" from research areas, technology areas and public services.

    The collection will focus on the three main directions: "Technology integration to empower sports health", " Product innovation for sports and health " and " Model innovation to promote sports and health ". It highlights the innovative integration of artificial intelligence, big data, 5G, cloud computing, new networks and other technologies to showcase the cutting-edge connotations of "AI+Sports Health".

    1.Scenario creation: Technology integration to empower sports health

    These cases mainly showcase the use of AI, IoT, big data, cloud computing, quantum computing to provide intelligent, digital and networked scenario solutions for sports health, such as AI for Sports, human movement mechanics models, digital twin venues, intelligent teaching platforms, intelligent event operations, etc.

    2.Product application: Product innovation for sports and health

    This category of cases mainly showcases the development of intelligent products such as sports equipment and flexible wear that meet the requirements of ergonomics, safety, comfort, as well as their typical applications, to provide better experiences and results for exercisers. Examples include smart trampolines, smart wearable devices, smart kinetic bicycles, etc.

    3.Model innovation: Model innovation to promote sports and health

    These cases mainly showcase government departments, social organizations, corporate bodies and public service platforms creating digital exercise and health model innovation type projects to provide more support and protection for exercisers. Examples include digital recreation innovation centers, digital health stations, intelligent health management service platforms, etc.

    【Collection requirements】
    1.Innovative application cases should be innovative, typical and representative in specific directions; the declaration materials should contain market demand analysis, key technologies, representative products, solutions, and application effectiveness.

    2.The declaration materials should be detailed and illustrated, with emphasis on the integration of artificial intelligence with sports health and sports-related industries. The new technologies, products and solutions that are innovative and integrated should be highlighted, as well as the market application value.

    3.The declared materials should comply with the relevant national laws and regulations in force and not involve intellectual property disputes or any legal disputes.

    【Participation process】
    Through case collection and expert evaluation, outstanding cases will be selected as important components of the collection and will be released at the World Artificial Intelligence Conference.
    1.Call for cases: From now until 26 May 2023
    2.Time for material review and production: June 2023
    3.Release of results: July 2023

    【How to submit】
    Please fill in the form (download here:

    Send it to and CC by 26 May.

    Contact: Mr. Deng Zhihui