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  • Chengdu 2024 Thomas & Uber Cup Embraces Innovative Technologies to Enhance the Sports Experience

    The Chengdu 2024 Thomas & Uber Cup, a pinnacle event in the badminton world, promises not only a showcase of athletes' exceptional skills but also a comprehensive integration of cutting-edge technologies to enhance the competition and viewing experience.

    1. Venue Enhancements:
    The Chengdu High-tech Zone Sports Center, known for hosting the Chengdu World Table Tennis Team Championships and the Chengdu Universiade Table Tennis Competition, has added high-tech facilities tailored for badminton. Among these is a state-of-the-art lighting system designed to prevent direct glare from above, allowing athletes to maintain their focus on the game.

    2. High-Tech Features:
    The venue has also incorporated the "Hawk-Eye" instant replay system, a staple in top-tier badminton events. With 10 high-speed cameras installed, the system captures the flight trajectory of shuttlecocks from multiple angles, generating three-dimensional images and displaying them in real-time on large screens.

    3. Smart Products for Service Excellence:
    Chengdu 2024 Thomas & Uber Cup introduces smart products to refine the experience for both athletes and spectators. In the athletes' locker room, a smart shoe box with drying, dehumidifying, and sterilizing functions is available. Additionally, two projectors in the athletes' lounge cater to their leisure and entertainment needs. The AI-powered "Magic Mirror" offers immersive pre-game relaxation and post-game stretching sessions, guided by a virtual coach.

    4. Sustainability and Innovation:
    Sustainability is a key focus, with the sports center featuring a rainwater recycling system, indoor CO2 monitoring, and other energy-saving measures. A dedicated smart system provides real-time monitoring of the venue's operations, ensuring efficiency and environmental consciousness.

    5. Broadcast Innovation:
    For viewers unable to attend in person, the television broadcast will utilize the latest artificial intelligence technology from China Media Group. Leveraging the "CCTV Sports Media Big Model," the broadcast will capture and analyze athletes' movements and the shuttlecock's trajectory, providing viewers with a detailed technical analysis through various multimedia presentations.