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  • Eco-member Introduction | AME-“sports+e-sports” Arena

    Asia Motion E-sports Limited (AME) was established in 2020 and is the only e-sports arena in Hong Kong that focuses on "sports + e-sports". Its aim is to break the existing pattern of the e-sports industry by combining e-sports with sports, becoming a new trend in the future, promoting mass sports, and changing the general public's inherent impression of e-sports.

    By combining virtual technology and physical sports equipment, AME aims to make sports more interesting. All games are based on traditional sports modes and insist on providing a real sports experience. Currently, there is an AME Stadium in Hong Kong, China.

    AME's goal is to promote the popularization of e-sports, connect it with daily life, complement the shortcomings of sports and e-sports during research and development, break geographical limitations and environmental factors, and increase and cultivate public interest in sports.

    Considering that the public now has a habit of using mobile phones, AME has developed an application and combined it with TANITA data analysis. Through precise data analysis and recording (weight, body fat percentage, muscle mass, body water content, etc.), it recommends suitable sports e-sports training goals for each player. The proportions of game characters' physiques will change according to the data analyzed by TANITA, reflecting potential health problems that are invisible to the naked eye.

    The application features unique hairstyles, facial features, skin tones, and facial features, allowing players to match their own personal characteristics according to their preferences, allowing players to unleash their creativity and create a unique and exclusive image.

    AME has currently launched a personal 30-day challenge called "Coin Challenge", where participants earn "GG Coins" by completing designated sports activities and burning calories. By reaching a specified number of "GG Coins", participants can exchange them for various rewards.

    AME Stadium is in a popular tourist area, Tsim Sha Tsui, within a popular shopping mall in Hong Kong. It mainly targets the youth market. Customers can purchase tickets or tokens to experience the first-ever e-sports games in Asia.

    AME Stadium offers an exclusive membership system and regularly holds different events and brand collaborations. AME Stadium also provides venue rental services, suitable for team building, company events, and private parties, allowing various fields and citizens to rent and enjoy a unique emerging sports experience.

    In addition to the sports activities provided at AME Stadium, the AME team is also developing and improving more sports activities, including unique game scenes, diversified game modes, and renting/selling our equipment for corporate events and campus sports programs.

    AME is committed to promoting sports e-sports culture through organizing various competitions and events. The company collaborates with major tournaments to organize professional e-sports competitions, providing a stage for e-sports players from all over to showcase their skills. At the same time, AME also organizes various community activities to attract more people to participate in e-sports and provide opportunities for emerging e-sports talents to showcase their skills.

    The company has now joined the "Sino-Dutch SportsTech Hub" jointly established by ABSG and its Dutch strategic partner Orange Sports Forum, professional services will be provided to facilitate its growth in China market.

    Interested market parties are welcome to send an email to for inquiries.