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  • Eco-member Introduction | Metrica Sports: The Assistant Coach of Coaches


    Metrica Sports, as a Dutch company, was born from the desire to provide clubs with the necessary tools to transform raw data into an actionable output. Metrica Sports is on a mission to provide coaches and analysts at all levels of the game with video and data analysis tools that until recently were only available to professional teams.

    With the introduction of AI technologies, an easy-to-use software and different plans that cater for the different needs and budgets of any team, Metrica Sports is already working with over 800 clubs from all over the world.

    Tactical analysis in football has undergone major developments in recent decades, largely powered by technology. In this context, video is the most effective way to communicate between coaches and players. Currently, the exchange of information can be enriched by graphs, arrows, heat maps and other types of displays of game statistics that are being used more and more frequently. However, video is still the ideal medium to convey concepts because it is the closest to the reality of football. In fact, from a very young age players develop an extraordinary spatial-temporal ability to understand videos.

    Traditional game analysis methods have remained unchanged for decades, relying on manual video review to identify key moments. This approach is time-consuming, prone to errors due to human subjectivity, and lacks quantifiable metrics, making it challenging to convey key performance indicators (KPIs) to players effectively.

    Metrica Sports introduces "Play," an innovative software powered by artificial intelligence technology designed to elevate team performance to the standards of the world's top clubs. This advanced tool enables effortless video coding, playlist creation, clip addition, and visualization, streamlining communication and saving valuable time for coaches and staff.

    "Play" offers a data-driven video analysis solution that identifies crucial insights directly from video and data, allowing coaches to enhance team performance with less effort and greater precision. This revolutionary tool provides a quantifiable analysis platform, enabling coaches to see everything and measure team performance accurately with no specific hardware needed, just a video file from the recorded match, even from your phone.

    Main Features:
    - Agile Visualization: Quickly add graphics and dynamic visuals to live or recorded videos.
    - Comprehensive Game Breakdowns: Utilize customizable coding tools for detailed video and event management.
    - Versatile Data Acquisition: Compatible with various video sources, including broadcast, scouting feeds, tactical cameras, and drones.
    - On-the-Go Visualizations: Easily add visualizations during presentations, with integrated player and field tracking.
    - Collaborative Sharing: Share clips and playlists within teams, enhancing collaboration among staff.

    Metrica Sports is committed to democratizing video and data analysis, enabling teams of any size and budget to access cutting-edge tools for sports analytics. Our technology empowers coaches, analysts, and teams to achieve their full potential through advanced data analysis and insights.

    Metrica Sports are the data and video analysis provider to more than one hundred clubs worldwide, including Champions League winners, lower league clubs and international teams. Their proprietary video analysis software enables instant and detailed analysis of matches.

    The company has now joined the "Sino-Dutch SportsTech Hub" jointly established by ABSG and its Dutch strategic partner Orange Sports Forum, professional services will be provided to facilitate its growth in China market.

    Interested market parties are welcome to send an email to for inquiries.