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  • Global Sports Innovation Project | How to increase revenue by bringing interactivity and community to the Fan Experience?


    Because of the change of audience expectations, tech companies have advanced the media landscape, leaving traditional rights holders & publishers to play catch up.

    Platform innovation will continue to drive audience engagement and new monetization streams, such as enhanced digital media experience, creation and monetization of digital assets, Innovation in media rights packaging and distribution, Innovation in sponsorship rights packaging and etc, to increase revenue.

    The most important thing to reach this goal is to transforms digital media into social experiences, help publishers and streamers by creating unique experiences for their audiences.

    So today, let me introduce you the 1st place of 【SportsTech China-Global Series 1】- LIVELIKE, the Audience Engagement Platform from US.

    Flexible Solution
    LiveLike can be integrated into your apps or live as stand-alone branded experience, including standalone branded experience, mobile responsive, integrated into partner application and etc.

    Creat Watch Parties
    Co-viewing and real-time interaction adds a social dimension to digital content consumption, helping users discover and build communities. Such as Private chat: group chat with friends; Public chat: find others that share your passion; Influencer chat: follow live expert analysis.

    Engagement Tools
    Allow users to multi-task and participate, keeping users in your app and engaged for longer while creating new sponsor inventory.Interactive widgets incldues: polls, trivia& prediction games, sentiment, cheer meter and etc. And for Sponsored Alerts & Custom Notifications, LIVELIKE can offer you notifications, deals& promotions, tweets, curated stats.

    All the tools are finally to reach: Reduce Churn, Increase Retention, Monetization Opportunities, Increase ARPU, Deep user insight.

    Watch, Interact, Play!
    LIVELIKE offers a flexible gamification engine to reward user behaviors that drive your business objectives including Play and Earn Points, Leaderboard, Unlock Badges and etc.

    Sponsorship Portfolio
    Through the LiveLike platform, brands have access to new and innovative ad inventory targeting desirable demographics.

    Unlock Unique 1st Party Data
    LiveLike is GDPR compliant, but allows partners to collect proprietary 1st party engagement user data by using Token- passed to client app pairs LiveLike data to client data.

    LIVELIKE Data:
    Anonymous User Profile
    User Engagement Analytics Data
    Gamification / Loyalty Records
    Engagement Sponsorship Metrics

    Client Data
    User Profile and Identification
    Application and Video Usage Analytics
    App & Video Sponsorship Metrics
    Demographics Data

    LIVELIKE Target Client:IP holders of sports events and entertainment programs, broadcasters, sports associations and clubs, third-party information platforms, etc.

    LIVELIKE audience engagement platform is now available on the ABSG Global SportsTech Innovation Platform. If you are interested, we are welcome you to leave a message in the background of wechat, or send an email to for kindly inquiry.

    Next, we would like to introduce you the SOLO WORKOUT, a cloud-based data collection system consisting of sensors paired with gym equipment and an app, please stay tuned!