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  • International Sports Tech Elite Startups Demo Day! Final Stage of ABSGxHYPE Sports Tech Virtual Accelerator


    ABSGxHYPE Sports Tech Virtual Accelerator is entering the final stage; Demo Day of participated startups will be live globally on August 18. This will be a feast of global sports technology, as over 300 investment companies, brands, and leaders from the sports industry are joining us in the grand event.

    The accelerator theme is to focus on the future growth of the Chinese market: allowing sports technology startups around the world to enter China through cross-country accelerator, also linking Chinese companies to the global market. According to Tsinghua PBCSF Sports Finance Research Center, China accounts for 86% of the investment amount in sports technology in the past 5 years, in which Beijing alone occupies 34.5%, such amount ranks 1st in Asia and 2nd in the world. Meanwhile, 8 Chinese companies are in the Top 10 list in terms of financing amount for the next 5 years.

    In 2025, The scale of Chinese sports industry will exceed 50 trillion RMB, implying a 1% to 1.5% contribution to the country’s GDP, getting closer to the sports development in some of the developed nations in Europe and North America.

    As a result, ABSGxHYPE virtual accelerator was opened to overseas company for the first time to draw their interest in entering the Chinese market, as well as providing exchange of experience, business co-operations, and financing opportunities from a wide range of industries.

    After going through a boot camp and filtering, the most outstanding 18 out of 1000 sports technology startups from around the world has been selected. These startups come from different fields of sports industry, including: wearables and products, coaching and training, eSports, media and broadcasting, performance and analytics, and digital platform.

    Selected companies received a 6-week acceleration program, which allows them to learn from experts, leaders, and investors, receive 1-on-1 coaching, as well as to present in front of sports industry leaders. Demo Day is streaming online on August 18 for final pitch and selection of winners.

    Let’s take a sneak peek of the top 18 startups appearing on Demo Day!


    AlternaTV is a video production company from South Africa. They create high quality television and digital video productions, at an affordable rate, with quick turn-around times. The services include event & product videography, video editing, television adverts, explainer videos, event live-streaming, aerial drone photography as well as bespoke reality television shows. They also do live events streaming, training events, social media videos, television adverts, and drone videography.


    Athlete Era

    Athlete Eras is a mobile learning technology company from Canada. They work with sports leagues and associations to provide affordable mobile-based coach training and support solutions. Through its unique AQ Coach mobile software and engaging 3D digital media, Athlete Era help organisations train more coaches. The technologies are able to help ensure that all coaches are delivering current best-practice when working with young athletes. By making a shift towards digital training and support, organisations can automate the tracking of coach development and gain insights into what all coaches are doing on the field. Athlete Era has so far worked with 15,000 coaches and 15 sport government bodies.


    Division 6ix

    Division 6ix is an esport organisation from the United Kingdom that scouts the best esports competitive players around the world. Division 6ix has 6 different houses – Ruby, Jade, Onyx, Emerald, Topaz, Opal. Each house competes in different esport games involving in-house tournaments and competition, which lead up to a competitive grand national tournament between all division houses. Division 6ix also esport team with some of the best esport players worldwide. All our players are trained to the highest standards and thoroughly follow esport code and conduct.


    Dribble Stick Training

    Dribble Stick Training is a sports training equipment from the United States. The flexible and adjustable Dribble Stick arms adjust for multiple drills and game situations and mimic a defenders arm. It can be used in a gym, driveway, garage or basement. Dribble Stick Training challenges beginners and pros to elevate their game. Two flexible arms extend from the aluminium base, providing immediate feedback from hundreds of drills and combined basketball movements.



    EXOSUIT from the United Kingdom developed and patented a new type of performance sports clothing that interacts with the body to improve performance and reduce the risk of minor injuries. Their first product EXO1 a short-sleeved compression top that improves athletic posture and incorporates flexible internal structures that gently adhere to the skin at key points to strengthen the shoulder joints and improve the athlete's proprioception. Their products provide joint stability, dynamic posture, enhanced proprioception, allowing athletes to feel powerful and confident in their performance.


    FanEspo, Inc.

    FanEspo is a Korean company that provides one-stop crowdfunding services and creates brand for esports and gaming IP owners using our own platform, called LUDIZ ( Simply, the company make new revenue for our partners by sharing assets. However, their partners don’t need to pay any upfront fees to use FanEspo’s services, and the partners and FanEspo will share the revenue or profit when the crowdfunding projects is done. Through their platform and services, they communicate with fans and dataize all the relevant fandom activities to forecast global fans’ demands and to drive continuous sales.



    GMDY is an American premier consumer shopping engine for sports. The application give fans the starting point for real-time shopping for their favorite athletes and teams whenever and wherever they are consuming sports and buy the same products that your favorite athletes use. It also gives athletes a platform to bring together everything that makes them who they are both professionally and personally is complementary to our mission for fans. When athletes bring their products and brands together into a single, 360-degree view, their fans naturally feel a closer connection.



    iSPORTiSTiCS is a sports technology company from Brazil. Their products include video interpretation and tagging for sports content powered by auto detection of actions, stats, and objects, set going a suite of video production applications based on the cloud. The technology extracts info and insights from live and VOD media, then process, format and curate content tailored to audiences demands.


    JV Innovations

    JV Innovations is a Chinese sports technology company. Their joint venture partnership with OverHand. They are making work out, fitness training fun at-home and accessible to everyone. JV Innovations make it possible to train with world class master coaches and champion MMA athlete, Zhang WeiLi and other professional athletes. They are social, interactive, and with live feedback from trainers, and community. Their products are accessible, thus no expensive machine or expensive gym membership fee required.



    Levier is a sports technology company from Spain. Their artificial muscles (exoskeleton) help people to develop sports where quadriceps are compromised, for example: Skiing, Snowboarding, horse riding or motor bike sports, and practice individual’s favorite sport without fatigue and reduce lesion risk. It also helps users to improve the control of their skis or snowboard by effectively transferring power to the slopes.



    Poipes is the 1st live sports streaming platform in Latin America. 5,000,000+ streaming hours broadcasted 3,000+ live matches broadcasted, including: Copa do Brasil, Colombian League, Uruguayan League 2014 to 2019, Ecuadorian League 2014 to 2017, and Chilean League 2017. It is a subscription based streaming platform of Club Nacional de Football. In addition, Baseball, soccer, tennis, and action games can be watched. Subscribers can watch anywhere in the world on any device: Web, Chromecast, Android, Windows Mobile, iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV.



    Sportlyze is a sport technoloy company from Thailand. It provides a platform for collecting and analyzing statistics and data for sports and eSports. Sportlyze adds a virtual advertisement on contents produced to promote their brand with commercial partners. The platform collects data and statistics of eSports players. Besides, Sportlyze's platform has other functions, e.g. searching for new players. It can be the sources of news of journalists, commentators and game developers.



    SportsBiz is an American company that deploy transformative solutions to remedy the vast financial inefficiencies that plague the business of sport. Their team supports brands to most effectively engage athletes, teams, leagues, associations, venues, and events. SportsBiz uses the power of AI and Advanced Analytics to help brands maximize sports marketing and sponsorship investments.



    SwimAR is a new sports tech wearable from the United Kingdom that transforms any pair of goggles into smart goggles. Using the latest in low-cost holographic waveguide technology the product creates a display that appears to float in the water in front of the swimmer. Packed full of sensors SwimAR is able to give the swimmer real-time, visual feedback on performance or provide motivation boosting content. With SwimAR you can swim faster, better and longer or just have more fun while you exercise!



    TAGPAY is a Fit Tech and FinTech technology solution designed for companies involved in the field of youth sports. The product is sport agnostic; being hugely beneficial for all range of sports clubs; from football academies to swimming teams. The product aims to increase engagement, visibility and transparency between sport participants, parents, club coaches and administrators, and comes in the form of a smart-wearable product/mobile app combination. TAGPAY benefits all stakeholders of youth sports clubs and academies by creating digital footprints for players; storing participation, activity and subscription data; and providing reporting and analytics across various digital channels and media. By tracking and reporting on such data, players gain increased transparency into their historical sporting activity, parents more fully understand their children’s sporting decisions and the corresponding financial impact, and club organisers gain valuable insight into its customer base as well as club activities, cycles and trends; all leading to better informed business decisions.



    Trainesense is a sports technology company from Finland. Their product, SmartPaddle, is a wearable sensor, which measures the force, speed and orientation of the swimming strokes. SmartPaddle shows, if the swimmer is able to apply the right amount of force, in the right direction at the right time. Smart Paddle is attached to the fingers of the swimmer and the measurement is carried out with a mobile app. SmartPaddle app is used in the same way as a regular stopwatch. It recognises strokes and laps automatically and calculates detailed analysis of the technique.The feedback is available immediately at the pool from the web service.


    Vidar Licensing

    Vidar has the patent of shoe design, with focus on better lateral containment and better footwork for athletes, the athletic positioning soles were designed to help athletes perform better starting from their feet. Vidar helps athletes of different sports, including: basketball, gold, boxing, baseball, and tennis.



    ViLike is a sports technology company from Finland. Motor skills development and activity is vital for balanced growth and health throughout our lives. Vilike and Rehaboo improve physical activity and health with gamified technology. We combine sport scientific content, best practices of physiotherapy with pedagogy and AI games to activate, assess and analyse motor skills via mobile game. Individual skills data assessment enables cutting-edge analysis on development and gives new knowledge on kinetic learning skills. We like to create and give new inspirations for education, health, research and daily sport with playful technology. We co-create and develop innovative, new solutions for purpose with AI, games and technology.


    ABSGxHYPE Sports Tech Virtual Accelerator successfully entering the final stage marks the opportunity to enter China and foster learning between sports tech startups. Let’s wait and see which companies will become the final winners of this event. Scan the QR code below to participate in Demo Day on August 18!

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