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  • NSR, one of the exclusive IP addresses of ABSG, initiated strategic cooperation with CYC and Starlink Athletic Club


    With the Chinese economy and family income increase, many parents have higher expectations for their kids to be successful in the future by offering them a chance to study abroad. As the market for studying abroad continues to heat up, many parents have realized that relying on the expertise of their children to become a student-athlete can successfully open the door to world-renowned schools. Lin Shuhao, who has basketball expertise, and Ying Rudi, the son of famous director Ying da, are two of the typical examples. If you're eager to try, NSR is your best choice.

    NSR (National Scouting Report) is the world's most extensive student-athlete scouting and recruiting association in the world. For more than 40 years, NSR has been committed to helping students and athletes find the sports programs and colleges that are most suitable for their future development. According to the records, more than 90% of potential student-athletes served by NSR have received admission notices, sending more than 6,000 student-athletes to U.S. universities each year.

    Recently, NSR entered the Chinese market as one of the exclusive IPs of ABSG, and has launched strategic cooperation with CYC and Starlink Athletic Club. Under the leadership and promotion of ABSG, the participants' in-depth cooperation and concentrated efforts to enable students who love sports to knock and open the doors of prestigious American schools through sports.

    ABSG and its founder have over 20 years of successful track record in North America, Asia and China’s sports industries. With many top notch IP resources, well established global/local network and unique expertise + know-hows; its platform is committed to be the best bridge, portal and springboard to work with the first-rate international sport IPs and maximize its successes together in Greater China’s markets.

    The CYC (The China Youth Care Committee) is an independent executive agency for youth sports and education. It is committed to developing a comprehensive range of youth sports education and professional training activities, to promote the international exchange of youth sports in China, and improve the physical fitness and sports education level of young people.

    Starlink Athletic Club is a youth sports training and professional sports venue operator, professional sports equipment retail, and group sales service provider. Starlink Athletic Club created the stadium operation and event organization system. It also actively promotes the concept of family sports day, supports the comprehensive development of children's healthy lifestyle, introduces international sports brand activities, and creates a global sports brand activity base.

    ABSG has a world-class foreign training team to support the entire ecosystem of physical education and training. In the future, ABSG, together with NSR, CYC, Starlink Athletic Club, and many other marketing partners, will provide comprehensive overseas education consulting services, overseas university scholarship programs, youth sports training camps, etc. for students with sports expertise in China and Asia. We hope our efforts can contribute to improving the success rate of students entering favorite overseas universities and receiving sports scholarships.

    If you are interested in cooperation with the ABSG, please send Email to: inquiry@localhost