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  • Sino-Dutch SportsTech Hub, the first state-to-state SportsTech industry platform, has launched and was successfully selected into Hong Kong Cyberport’s world-class incubation program

    "Sino-Dutch SportsTech Hub" is a state-to-state professional business platform for SportsTech industry, jointly initiated and owned by AquaBloom International Sports Technology Group ("ABSG") and its Dutch partner Orange Sports Forum ("OSF"), a top-notch sports industry organization in the Netherlands. The Hub was recently launched and successfully selected into the Hong Kong Cyberport Incubation Programme. The Hub will bring digital, intelligent professional services and many related benefits to the Cyberport community, Hong Kong sports and sports technology industry of China and the Netherlands.

    Netherlands is the world's traditional sports power, both in competitive sports and sports industry. The country's vision is that by 2030 the Netherlands will be seen globally as an inclusive, sustainable and innovative sports nation. In terms of competitive sports, the Netherlands ranked sixth on the Beijing 2022 Olympic medal list and seventh on the Tokyo 2020 Olympic medal list, which is a very outstanding achievement with a total population of only over 17 million. In the Netherlands, there are 100 sports associations, of which 77 operate under the Dutch Olympic Committee. 55% of Dutch people exercise every week, and 59% of Dutch adults watch professional sports competitions through social media or television. The Netherlands has 40,000 sports companies and institutions, as well as 22,000 sports facilities.

    Founded in 2010, OSF is a powerful platform to promote sports-related businesses, organizations and institutions in the Netherlands. OSF has a network of over 300 Dutch sports-related companies and organizations and focuses on three areas: building sports-related organizations networks; To support, represent and advise on international operations; Promote Dutch sports-related companies and organizations worldwide.

    ABSG and OSF have worked together to support each other's SportsTech activities, share information about the sports industry in each other's countries, referring top-notch sports and sports technology companies and projects to China and Europe markets, establishing joint ventures and co-creating world-class sports projects.

    The establishment of Sino-Dutch SportsTech hub is the first landing project of SportsTech UN-one of the core global strategies of ABSG, and also a historic initiative in the global sports technology industry. In the future, we will work with the top international partners of ABSG from more than 20 other sports powers to realize the landing of professional platforms and the integrated development of business and industry among countries.

    Sino-Dutch SportsTech Hub has been strongly supported by many official organizations, government departments, investment institutions and other aspects. Mr. Nico Schiettekatte, Health, Welfare and Sports Counsellor of the Dutch Embassy in China, and officials of the Consulate General in Hong Kong congratulated on the establishment of the China-Netherlands Sports Science and Technology Hub platform and will strongly support its development.

    Secretary Mr. Kevin Yeung and his delegation from the Bureau of Culture, Culture and Tourism of the Government of Hong Kong SAR of China visited the Netherlands in April. He listened to the OSF team's sharing and introduction, and expressed his great interest and praise for the cooperation and planning between ABSG and OSF in Hong Kong, as well as his support for the establishment of Sino-Dutch SportsTech Hub and its related projects and cooperation. In 2023, the Hub will organize Trade Mission represented by dozens of Dutch sports enterprises, organizations and institutions to visit key China cities including Hong Kong, to explore and expand market cooperation and landing opportunities.

    The Hub will also develop a powerful digital platform to present core functions including industry information, enterprise and organization database, project resources, investment and business matching, trade missions, contract management and other core functions through big data, artificial intelligence and other key technologies, bringing together the best talents, technologies, companies and other resources from China and the Netherlands. To enable cooperation in the sports technology industry. The digital and intelligent platform will greatly help the digital transformation and upgrading of the sports industry, reduce costs, improve quality and efficiency, and promote the efficient integrated development of the Chinese and Dutch industries and the global industries.

    At the same time, the Hub is committed to bringing Dutch/European projects with significant business and ecological value to Hong Kong and mainland China through a high standard of top IP screening mechanism and obtaining exclusive ownership/business rights in Greater China. For example, Inno4Health, which is an EU project led by Philips, and involving 34 scientific innovation companies and research institutions from 7 countries, is committed to creating top solutions that can be applied to health management, sports performance and other fields. As well as the world's top sports industry partner projects listed on NASDAQ. Sino-Dutch SportsTech Hub brings great value and vitality to the sports industry in Hong Kong and the mainland by carrying out high-quality industrial exchanges, helping SportsTech companies and corporates to land and develop, and creating projects together with high commercial value.

    Sino-Dutch SportsTech Hub, with its unique positioning, rich resources, powerful service system and professional team, has been successfully selected for the Hong Kong Cyberport's world-class incubation program. The Hub will receive funding, space, professional services provided by Cyberport, as well as high-end resources and value from the entire Hong Kong ecosystem. Here, ABSG and its Global SportsTech Cluster partners sincerely thank the senior leadership of the core base partner Cyberport and professional teams from various departments for their strong support to the sports technology industry. We look forward to continuous and close cooperation between both parties to contribute to the integrated development of the global sports technology industry.

    Mr. Mike Yang, the Founder & CEO of ABSG, and his team based in China and the United States have made many historic initiatives in the global sports industry in the past 30 years, including but not limited to: Hired to create new product areas for world top brand NIKE's Innovation Kitchen at its world headquarters in Portland; When the national brand Li Ning first entered the North American market, he worked as one of the core founding directors to lay a solid foundation for the development of the North American market, and led the national team to carry out promotion and marketing in North America. He built the pioneering and innovative chain of sports clubs in the San Francisco Bay Area, with up to 10,000 members, and leading an emerging industry segment that has generated GDP of more than $1 billion; As the only Asian to obtain license from Nike and Nike Sports Camp headquarters, he’s the founder of Nike Sports Camp in Asia; He also created the first and only SportsTech platform in the Asia Pacific region that has been recognized by SportsTechX Global SportsTech Report for three consecutive years, has landed SportsTech ecosystem, business system and many major projects with global influence, he has also be selected as one of the 30 global innovation leaders. In the future, we will continue to explore and provide unique value and make further contributions to the global sports technology industry!