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  • Welcome to Register | Sino-Dutch SportsTech Hub Webinar Series-2 (AI in Sports)

    1.Organizer: Sino-Dutch SportsTech Hub

    Initiated by AquaBloom International Sports Technology Group (ABSG) and Orange Sports Forum (OSF), Sino-Dutch SportsTech Hub is an ecological and commercial platform dedicated to the cooperation of sports technology industry between China and the Netherlands.

    2.Theme: AI in Sports

    3.Date: June 26 (Weds)

    4.Time: 10am-11am (CET)/4pm-5pm (HKT)

    5.Please Register here:

    6.Keynote Speakers:

    1)Mr. Eric Yu, CFO, 4Paradigm
    — Founded in September 2014, 4Paradigm is a pioneer and leader in enterprise AI. We offer platform-centric AI solutions and leverage core technologies to develop end-to-end enterprise-class AI products that can be rapidly deployed by enterprises on a large scale to uncover hidden patterns in data and comprehensively enhance decision-making capabilities. Our products have been widely used in finance, retail, manufacturing, healthcare, energy and power, telecommunications,healthcare and other sectors. We were the largest player by revenue in the platform-centric decision-making enterprise AI market in China.

    2)Mr. Hisham Shehabi, COO, N3XT Sports
    — N3XT Sports is a specialized agency in the sports industry that works with its clients on strategy development, operational support, and end-to-end data and digital transformation. Our team has delivered hundreds of projects to date in various geographies, contributing to several topics related to sports commercialization, digitalization, development, investments, sports formats, performance and beyond. With its operational HQ in Valencia, Spain, and its MENA office in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, N3XT Sports is strategically positioned to drive innovation and excellence in the sports industry.

    3)Mr. Mario Yiting Lin, AI Consulting and  Solutions Director, Sensetime
    — SenseTime is a leading AI software company focused on creating a better AI-empowered future through innovation. We are committed to advancing the state of the art in AI research, developing scalable and affordable AI software platforms that benefit businesses, people and society as a whole, while attracting and nurturing top talents to shape the future together. We invest in our original and cutting-edge research that allows us to offer and continuously improve industry-leading AI capabilities, covering key fields across perception intelligence, natural language processing, decision intelligence, AI-enabled content generation, as well as key capabilities in AI chips, sensors and computing infrastructure.

    4)Mr. Francis Casado, Co-founder & Head of International Business Development, 3D Digital Venue (3DDV)
    — 3D Digital Venue (3DDV), powered by Mobile Media Content, is a technology solutions company that creates 2D and 3D images of stadiums, arenas, theaters and other types of live event spaces. The company uses video gaming technology to deliver a mobile first, virtual reality representation of a space by creating a 360° panoramic "3D" view from any location within the space (like a seat in a stadium or theater, or a location on the concourse). 3D Digital Venue has been successfully building best in class 2D and 3D interactive solutions that excel in delivering greater patron satisfaction, increased season ticket holder/subscriber renewal rates and specialized viewing options for prospective VIP buyers.